Spring Color: The Holi Festival of Colors celebrates spring with some color.

A multitude of colors flew across the sky, creating an eccentric dust cloud during the Holi Festival of Colors on March 8 in Norwalk. People from all walks of life and surrounding areas, including many from Orange County, came together for a day of fun and color to welcome the spring season. http://www.coastmagazine.com/articles/festivalofcolors

Festival of Colors: A place to let your inner child out

By Mike Gorrell | The Salt Lake Tribune From the hilltop where the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple overlooks southern Utah County, incoming pilgrims to the Holi Festival of Colors stood out in their clean white shirts. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/colors-festival-fork-spanish.html

Utah Hindu fest passes the Mormon test with flying colors

Utah Hindu fest passes the Mormon test with flying colors. Spanish Fork event draws tens of thousands of Latter-day Saints and others to Krishna Temple. By Peggy Fletcher Stack | The Salt Lake Tribune, Mar 21 2014 09:41 am http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/lifestyle/57704392-80/festival-das-says-hindu.html.csp

Holi festival a hit not only among Hindus

Katherine Davis Mar 17, 2014 Festival organizers have found a niche serving young people who want to have fun, but without the alcohol or drug use associated with other kinds of rock concerts or large festivals. http://www.religionnews.com/2014/03/17/holi-festival-hit-among-hindus/

Holi Festival suffuses Sunbowl in color, ‘world’s happiest event’

Written by Kimberly Scott on October 15, 2013 ST. GEORGE – Making national headlines in 2011 and bringing people of all ages, races, social conditions, and gender together, the spring celebration of social merriment moves to the fall as the Holi Festival of Colors makes its way to the Dixie Sunbowl for the very first […]

The Many Shades of Love

by Alan di Perna Imagine sweet mantra music swelling massively as billowing clouds of vibrant red, green, yellow, blue, black, and silver dust swirl over the heads of thousands of jubilant people, gently descending upon them like a rainbow blessing. That’s what attendees at the October 19th Festival of Colors at the Dixie Sun Bowl […]

Daily Universe 2012: Festival of Colors 101: Optimizing Your Experience

Last year thousands of BYU students attended the Holi Festival and had great experiences. However, some students end up ruining their clothes and possessions, or  missing out on key points of the festival. These tips can help make the Holi experience the best possible: 1) Wear proper attire With multiple colors of powder being thrown […]

Wall Street Journal on the “Holi Wars” in Europe

A Spring Celebration of Love Moves to the Fall—and Turns Into a Fight Europe Appropriates Colorful Indian Festival as Rival Promoters Face Off in a ‘Holi War’ PUURS, Belgium—Adelis Silva charged into a crowd of young people, some in hazmat suits and animal costumes, and shouted: “Who wants a hug?” The teens and 20-somethings had […]