Buy Holi (Gulal) Color Powder Bulk for the Best Price

We are the largest dealer of Indian originated colors in in the USA, have domestic product as well, and do same day shipping.

If you are planning a Color Event (City Event, School, Non-Profit, Family Reunion, Birthday, Color Races, etc.), these below quoted prices are the best you’ll find anywhere.

Color Festivals, Color Races, & Color Parties in the Western World all started from right here in Spanish Fork, Utah, where we’ve hosted Holi, the Festival of Colors, since 1989. Buy Holi Powder and Colors Bulk from this site and help us promote pure color events in their original spirit. We have imported as well as domestically produced colors according to your preference.
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100 Gram Packages

100 gram packets

Prices (100 gram packets: 3.5 ounces)
50-99 bags   $ 1.00
100-199 bags  $ .95
200-499 bags  $ .90
500-999 bags  $ .85
1,000-1,999      $ .80

10 Assorted Colors

Bulk Colors

1 kg (2.2. lb)

Bulk starts at $ 3.40 lb for a minimum order of 15.4 lbs, or 7 kgs. The price drops the more you purchase. At no extra price we will custom pack (mix & match) whatever colors and quantities you'd like. Prices will go down as quantities increase. Generally, ours are the brightest, most vibrant colors.

How to Pay


1-payFill out a quote request form.

2-payWe’ll fire you back a quote for your review.


3-payYou will then be able to remit thru in favor of our email address or call with a credit card number. If your invoice shows a credit card surcharge (usually only on orders of over $ 1,000.00) you can avoid that by direct depositing at any Chase Bank nationwide according to the instructions on the quote, or you can send a check.

Feel free to call if you need advice
Charu (801) 787-1510/

shippingSame Day Shipping


*For orders placed before 1:00 p.m. MST

Remarks from Purchasers

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help me with my event. It was on Sunday and it was SPECTACULAR.  Please see our Special Strides FB page to truly appreciate how awesome the day was. We had the perfect amount of paint and the day was beautiful.” 

Karen, Monroe, NJ

“It went very well and the color was much more vibrant than any other color race powder we have seen!  The quality of the product was amazing. Thanks so much for working so well with us.” 

Lynn, Chicago

“Thank you for the awesome colors!!! My Fiancee and I used them in our engagement photos and it was so much fun! We have gotten lots of comments about it and have been asked several times where we got the powders from. Hopefully you’ll be having many more orders from the South Dakota area.” 


“If you have any other elementary schools contacting you about the Holi powder it was a great success. The obstacle course was an amazing part of the event. We had three stations where we threw color race powder and it worked beautifully. We had more fun than we expected we would ever have. We put cheap white shirts and sunglasses on the kids which they loved. Thank you for the phone advice and the amount of powder was perfect!” 

Jennifer, Danville, Cal

“Thank you guys SO much for prompt delivery and a beautiful product! I am attaching a photo that will show you how much are kids loved it!” 

Jana, Pennsylvani

“I just wanted to let you know that our first event using your color was a great success. We have used color from several sources and the quality of yours is superior.” 

Jason, Benton, KS

Our Customers

Our regular customers include United Way in three states, American Heart Association, Hands of Hope, Hospices, Easter Seal Affiliates, Boy Scouts,  Church Camps,  YMCA’s, Sports Commissions, Municipalities, Elementary Schools, High Schools, as well as Universities like Tulane, Notre Dame, Duke, Amherst, Colorado State, Purdue, Indiana State, Boise State, Univ of Wyoming, Univ of Kentucky, U.N.L.V., U.C.S.B, U.C.S.D., Univ. of Nebraska, Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Arkansas, Univ. of Indiana, University of Virginia, Univ. of New Hampshire, St Louis Univ, Northeastern, Cal. State Hayward,  Minnesota State University, Louisiana State,  Wellesley, Cal. Poly Pomona, Vanderbilt, NC State, Penn State, Florida A & M, Florida International, West Georgia University, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, Dalhousie, Trinity College and too many more to name.

Ordering Tips to Buy Holi Powder and Colors Bulk

Bulk Powder for Color Races

Bulk: Provide 3/4  pound of bulk in four different colors per runner. To use five colors during a race, order 1 pound per runner.

For example, if your event has 100 participants you should order 75 pounds total for 4 color stations or 100 pounds total for 5 color stations.

Note: Some Color Races give each of their runners a 100 gram pack as part of their registration packet. This is optional.

For Festivals or Parties
Individual Packs: Provide three to five 100 gram individual packs per participant.

Other info
Corn starch, permissible cosmetic grade dyes, & fragrance. Will not harm grass. If a large crowd throws the colors on grass, blow the grass with a leaf blower, & turn on the sprinkler system. Least likely to stain hair and clothes if maximum amount is shaken out dry before showering or washing.

How to Clean Up After a Color Event


For safety and quality control reasons we do not accept any returns. Should you have powder left over after an event, it will be good for at least three years, if stored in a cool dry place.

*Safety Message: In its natural state (99 per cent corn starch) color powder is safe from ignition.  However, when disbursed at high velocity and then intersecting unnaturally hot elements over 500 degrees, like camera lights, stage lights, cigarettes, fireworks or open flames, a combustible situation can occur. The same can be said of many household staples, like milk powder, sugar,  flour, and dairy creamer. Use the product safely as intended, and has been used for thousands of years in India, as well as for thousands of color races and celebrations in the west. 1) separate from any unnatural heat not created by the climate 2) manually toss outside in open air (avoid pressurized canisters). If anyone distributes this product to a third party, it will be their responsibility to pass this safety information on.  Have fun, happy, and safe events!

Do not throw powders directly into anyone’s face.   Sprinkle or stroke them on with finger tips. Anyone with breathing issues should stay away from the thick of the dust, wear a dust mask, or avoid all together. Even for those without breathing issues eye wear and dust protection is recommended. Wherever children are present, adults should monitor, as the children can get overexcited and throw into each other faces. A small percentage of people are allergic to corn starch and should avoid.

Refund Policy; Unopened boxes (cannot have been opened and resealed) can be returned at buyers expense within 30 days. We will refund the original amount less our shipping fees and 20% restocking.

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