Items for sale

Items for sale

You can pay for these items in the registration form and pick them up at the Festival of Colors in your City.

T Shirts

Color Fest 

S, M, L & XL


S, M, L & XL


S, M, L & XL

Om Team

S, M, L & XL

Free Hugs

S, M, L & XL


Om Shanti Bandana

Bandana to Protect Nose and Mouth from Dust

Om Buff

Rainbow colored, can be configured many different ways, including to cover nose and mouth during color throws

Custom Sunglasses

Assorted colors 

Wrist Beads

Fashionable, Convenient to Wear. Come with a Mantra Card and Instructions on How to Use These 'Japa' Beads to Meditate.

Bhagavad Gita

Hard Backed 800 pages with Color Illustrations.

32oz squeeze bottles

Great way to spray passing runners with powder!

$5.00 each, 8 for $36.00, 24 for $110.00

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