Wholesale Purchasers of Krishna Colors may key on these guidelines from our huge Spanish Fork event in organizing their own similar events.


Please note the statements at the bottom of the page about hazards of unintended use of the product.


Drugs, alcohol, vaping, and smoking are not permitted on festival grounds.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone, or to escort anyone off the property for improper conduct.


  • The dry powders supplied by the temple may stain hair & clothes, so festival goers are cautioned not to wear their “Saturday best.” To avoid and/or minimize stain, vigorously shake out all dry excess powder before stepping into a shower, or throwing your clothes in the wash. Once the caked dry colors get wet, it is hard to get out. However, if one can shake as much as possible out while dry, there is a good chance of not having pink hair for the next month.
  • Do not throw colors into people’s eyes or mouth. It is even more fun to rub the colors, into the hair, back of the neck, and cheeks. If anyone gets irritants in their eyes, go to the clearly marked first aid tent where EMTs will give you an eye rinse. We’ll always have on hand bandanas, sunglasses, and dust mask for covering eyes and mouth…recommended.  Anyone with asthma or any other breathing issues should avoid color events, or at least wear a mask and stay well away from the center of action. Same advice if you happen to be allergic to corn starch.
  • Do not wear contacts to a color event!
  • Do not purchase colors from illegal vendors as they will be confiscated. Every bag should have the temple label, and must be in Temple approved packaging.
  • Those who would rather observe than participate in the throwing of the colors may stay back and watch from a distance, but there is no guarantee. Good idea to bring plastic seat covers for the drive home. That or bring a change of clothes and a plastic bag for your festival clothes. Be courteous of local businesses and do not leave messes in their bathrooms.
  • Do not throw colors on any passing cars, or on any performers, musicians, and especially not on the uniforms of any firemen or police. If you do the latter, you might get arrested.


Festival goers are advised to think twice before going into the middle of the crowd when the colors are first thrown. If you have not been before or have asthma, being smack in the middle of the crowd will be a challenge. Stay to the edges, and have a cloth to cover your nose and mouth for the first three minutes. We will have dust masks for sale at .25 cents. Under no circumstances should small children be in the middle of the crowd, unless high on the shoulders of their fathers, and wearing the right protection.


  • Going up to strangers and asking, “May I lovingly decorate your face & recolor your hair?”
  • Dancing & Chanting.
  • Letting down crowd surfers gently on their feet. Better to pass crowd surfers from front to back so people can see them coming.
  • Hugging strangers with their permission.
  • Booing people who throw colors early during the countdown. (We’ll have short ones from 10)
  • Booing moshers.
  • Giving thumbs down to intoxicated festival goers.
  • Letting security know about intoxicated festival goers.
  • Helping lost children to the Lost & Found. Note: LOST and FOUND is not just for things, but it’s for PEOPLE too.
  • Helping pick up trash.
  • Reporting illegal vendors to security.


  • Bringing outside colors (will be confiscated). When you buy from outside vendors it threatens the existence of the whole festival.
  • Being intoxicated (try just being you for one day – it’s cool – we’ll love you anyway).
  • Moshing (have fun without violence).
  • Tossing crowd surfers into the air.
  • Throwing colors close, hard, & directly into eyes and mouth. Better to smear lovingly on cheeks and in hair.
  • Climbing anything except stairs (means roofs, scaffolding, poles, fences, stage).
  • Throwing colors early before countdown ends. (short countdown this year).
  • Smoking on festival grounds. (give your lungs a break .. ha, ha).
  • Taking off shoes of crowd surfers.
  • Vending illegally on the property.
  • Purchasing from venders who aren’t at a booth (undermines volunteers who work without personal gain). 


  • On Street parking. Please be courteous in the neighborhood. Allow space for residents to park in front of their homes and do not block driveways. If a resident asks you to move, please do so. Exercise politeness at all times remembering that people have their homes and lives here and we are only visiting for a day.
  • Organizers of other color events are herewith warned not to use any photos or videos of our event without clearly stating where they took place and when. Though those videos and photos are freely available through the internet, using them to masquerade your own event as our event may well constitute misrepresentation as well as trademark and copyright (in the case of our artwork) infringement. a booth (undermines volunteers who work without personal gain).

Q.            Can some people have an allergic reaction to the powders.

A.            The powders are 99 per cent corn starch, and, yes, a very small percentage of people are allergic to corn. If you or your children has ever experienced hives and/or a rash after eating corn products, or working with the corn starch in your kitchen, be careful to fully cover nose and mouth so as not to ingest any of the powder. 

Q:         Are there any unusual fire & explosion hazards with Krishna Colors?

A:         Like all organic and most dry chemicals, as a powder or dust, this product (when mixed with air in critical proportions and in the presence of an ignition source) may present an explosion hazard.  The minimum ignition temperature reported for dry cornstarch, through 200 mesh, is 380°C (716°F).  Avoid open lights, flames, smoking materials, hot coals of any type or welding in area of product. Not recommended for indoor usage. Outdoor usage in well ventilated open space.


Q:        What is the most appropriate fire extinguisher media to have on hand at events or to extinguisher solid material or air borne dust?

A:      Water spray, foam and dry chemical.  Use of water jet many cause explosive dust conditions.  Do not use CO2 (carbon dioxide fire extinguishers) for outdoor dust fires.   CO2 fire extinguishers are ineffective at extinguishing outdoor dust fires because they may not be able to displace enough oxygen to successfully put the fire out and they can cause the dust to spread, smolder and re-ignite.


Q:        Are there any measures to control the dust created from Krishna Colors?

A:      The use of misters is a highly effective method for reducing dust while also creating an open air cooling effect for outdoor events.  Misters can be purchased at most big box stores or larger portable systems are available as rental items. Misters reduce dust in the air by trapping dust in water particles and causing it to fall out of the air.

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