Please do not purchase any outside colors. Outside colors will be confiscated and not be allowed on the festival grounds. You do not have to buy colors or preregister online, but it will save lot of time from waiting in long lines on the day.

You can pre register and buy colors, T-shirts online etc.

We have five assorted vivid colors (violet, green, yellow, pink,  & orange ) in 100 gram bags at $ 2.00 per bag. Most people prefer to purchase five bags of assorted colors pre packed for $ 10.00. Ingredients are corn starch, permissible food grade dyes, & fragrance. They are environmentally friendly, beautiful colors, and nicely scented.

Least likely to stain people and clothes if maximum amount is shaken out dry before showering or washing.

Please do not throw colors directly in others’ eyes or mouth. There will be dust masks for .50 cents, and bandanas for $ 6.00.

There will be “Color Throws” every hour, from Noon. Please carefully read the FAQ section in this regard.

Colors are:

Blue, Pink, Green, Violet, & Yellow, Red, and Orange.


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