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*Volunteering is full up for the following events: Riverside, Los Angeles, & Spanish Fork. Thanks to all those who have applied, but the response has been overwhelming and we exceeded our quotas early on. Please do come as a participant, and help keep the festival area clean and tidy by picking up trash throughout the day! Namaste.


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Bag of Color

There are longer term internships open for anyone with two weeks or more free to travel with the Festival of Colors, do set up, take down, daily yoga classes, and seminars on Bhakti. Use same contact information and same proceedure as for the day volunteers.

Interns traveling with the Festival of Colors will get accommodation in a motor home and/or KOA, excellent vegetarian cuisine, daily yoga and plenty of opportunity for hiking and taking in local sights. They must be drug, alcohol, and cigarette free. They’ll be expected to work 12 hours on festival days as part of a cumulative 28 hour work week as well as attend one daily seminar/power point by a Swami or Guru.

Volunteering form

Volunteering form
Duties will be to distribute fliers and posters before the event. Rewards, depending on number of flyers and posters placed, will be free admission, free meals, free t shirt. free photo shots with artists, free bandanas etc.
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